Stunning Fall Decor Ideas to Transform Your Home for Autumn 

Simply arrange seven pears on a mantel. Then, with a fine-tipped washable marker, write letters on the front of each pear. Press whole cloves into the flesh along the lines and the sweet aroma will be as welcoming as the message itself. 

Pear "Welcome" Display

A wreath is a lovely and festive way to welcome guests into your home. This wild wonder owes its elegant good looks to the natural materials that embellish its standard straw base. 

Wheat Wreath With Wooden Bead

At the front door, visitors to your home will marvel at this outdoor display. Decorative corn is a farmstand staple at this time of year and can be used in all manner of home décor projects:

Corn Husk Garland

The cornucopia, that is. Give the season's most recognizable motif an upgrade by lining the inside with velvet and filling the center with gold-painted nuts and pomegranates. 

Lined Cornucopia

Pluck a few transitional branches at their golden peak—just before they turn brown—and incorporate them into your autumnal arrangements. 

Golden Arrangement

Use the fall's harvest to make one-of-a-kind vases. Squashes and pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, and when paired with seasonal blooms, they add character to your table. 

Squash-and-Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Assorted pinecones, pods, acorns, and other natural decorations all make for a wilt-proof wall hanging. Treat them with a few coats of golden yellow paint, then hot-glue them to dried twigs gathered from the yard. 

Hanging Basket of Fall Flower

For a fall decoration your little ones can help out with, we love these dainty, understated dolls. Soak square-corn husks (the ones used for tamales) in water then wrap twine around the husks to fashion the head, arms, and legs of your figurines. 

Corn Husk Doll

A few organic elements, touched with a bit of gilding, evoke fall's abundance. For an eye-catching centerpiece, turn a glass compote into a horn of plenty with glittering corn and squash.

Glittered Corn Centerpiece

To make our gilded pumpkins, trace leaves all over a pumpkin and fill in the shapes with metal-leaf adhesive. Wait five minutes for the adhesive to get tacky, then place a gilding sheet over the leaf shapes; brush with a dry brush. 

Gilded-Leaf Pumpkin

If you're over round wreaths, opt for this sleeker design. Wheat is secured with floral wire and assembled into a diamond shape while the heads burst out from all points of the geometric configuration.  

Wheat Grid Wreath

For a decoration you can display both inside and outside your home, try making these dried wheat clusters. All you need to do is bundle three to 10 stalks of wheat together with twine, leaving about 3 feet of twine hanging off the bunch. 

Wheat Cluster

While eye-catching decorations, like wreaths and garlands, can certainly give your home that fall feeling, the way your space smells does, too. These pumpkin-spice candles are easy to make and, when poured into orange-tinted mason jars, they pull double duty as décor. 

Pumpkin-Spice Scented Candle

Pumpkins don't have to be spooky! To replicate this sweet display, start by choosing a few colorful pumpkins (we used pink Porcelain Doll, white Casper, and green Crown Prince). 

Patterned Pumpkin

Floral arrangements don't have to be displayed inside a vase to be eye-catching. Instead, suspend a cluster of dried florals and branches above your dinner table to make a seasonal piece that is truly unique.  

Dried Branch Display