Funny & Creative Names For Cats

In his famous poem 'The Naming of Cats,' T.S. Eliot insists that only cats know their true name and that we humans are just calling them nicknames. 

Some people believe that cats are goddesses, so why not name them as such?  Some suggestions: Aphrodite, Athena, Cybele, Cleopatra, Chimera,  Crete, Dodona, Daphne, Etna, Gaia, Hebe, Iris,  Jocasta, Minerva, Medusa, Olympia, Pandora, Pythonisa, Phoenicia, Tethys 


They can be Apollo, Achilles, Chaos, Cyclops, Cronos, Destiny, Dionysus, Denis, Eros, Hades, Hercules, Jason, Minotaur, Osiris, Orion, Oedipus, Olympus, Orpheus 

Naming Cats After Deitie

The celebrities of your choice can also get a beautiful tribute through your cat. How about the following names?  The celebrities of your choice can also get a beautiful tribute through your cat. How about the following names?

Name Them After Your Idol

Calling a kitten the name of some foods is just a treat:  Blackberry, Olive, Popcorn, Dotiros, Peach, Fanta, Granola, Rosemary, Cupcake, Honey, Coffee, Chips, Cookie, Cornmeal, Jujube, Gnocchi, Lasagna, Marshmallow, Honey, Milk, Muffin, Popcorn, Sweetie, Sushi, Toast, Pudding...

Food & Drink

The color and fur of the cat can also inspire its name: Black, Chantilly, Midnight, Blackout, Wolf, Noir, Pirate, Pantera, Shadow, Zebra, Jade, Rubi, Yellow, Cloud, Aurora, Cristal, White

Color and Coat

If you want to emphasize the mysterious side of felines, these suggestions could work: Lilith, Agnes, Onyx, Trixie, Ursula, Zoe, Molly, Baba, Kiara, Strega, Luna, Glinda, Samantha, Phoebe, Zelena, Sabrina, Cleo, Pandora


The name can also come from a movie or a cartoon, such as Simba, Black Panther, Logan, Bruce, Samurai, Koda, Caleb, Fluffy, Pirate, Crook, Stuart, Tom, Ronald, Bambam, Obelix, Shelby, Barbie, Lily, Poliana, Pebbles 

Cartoon Character

If the kitten is Garfield-style, aka chubby and lazy, we present the following suggestions: Sleepy, Laziness, Sleepyhead, Loose, Sleeping Beast, Baby Sleepy, Jelly, Acorn, Little Ball, Giant, Fatty, Pom Pom


Cuddly, needy, and loving kittens deserve names that express all this cuteness. Think of Heart, Menina, Cuddly, Cutie, Mimi, Sweetie, Kitty, Mel, Honey, Prince or Princess, Candy, Dreamy, Puffy. 

Cute Cat

But there are also those kittens that are mischievous and can't sit still. For them, you could pick the following names: Halley, Beast, Flash, Messy, Crazy, Electricity, Spark, Felix, Lucifer, Tom, Thunder Cat, Fuse, Rocket, Fire, Electra, Jaspion, Pepper.


Some cats do not get very big, and for them, we have the following suggestions: Pipito, Mini, Mirim, Petit, Kitty, Mini Pepe, Mimi, Little, Tiny...

So 'smol'

If the cute pet is of considerable size, we could give them a name like Furball, Beast, Tiger, Lion, Giant, Fluffy, Acorn, Giant, Conan, Big Guy, Viking, Captain, Master, Pompous, Mega...

Names for Big Cats

If none of these categories suits your cat, then maybe consider these names: Kindness, Tenderness, Chai, Coral, Cris, Gil, Baby, Pom Pom…

Out of the Box

Is your cat a potential world traveler? How about something like: Palomita, Croqueta, Pollo, Pepa, Akira, Hajime, Junko, Sakura, Sensei, Yoshi, Pikachu…?

Foreign Language