Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz: Round-by-Round Analysis

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz: Round-by-Round Analysis

Round 1: Big pressure from Paul. Big left hook. A hard right hand. He hurt Diaz a bit and it was not a good round by any stretch for the MMA legend.

Round 2: Better round for Diaz. He got in close and was effective from there, landing some combos. Paul had a nice uppercut and right hand. Diaz countered with a left hook.

Round 3: Diaz is not pretty, but he’s making Paul work for this. Diaz is the one pressuring, making it dirty and ugly.

Round 4: Big Diaz round. Paul might be a bit tired. This is a weird fight, but Diaz is doing better now than it seemed he would in the first.

Round 5: Paul dropped Diaz with a big left hand to the forehead. Diaz went reeling; Diaz looked wobbly at first, but then came forward the rest of the round.

Round 6: Relatively uneventful round in what has been an eventful fight. Paul landed good combos early, then Diaz came on with some nice dirty boxing.

Round 7: Diaz is back in the fight, for sure. Paul had some good left hook counters. He’s throwing that punch and landing it often. He’s not throwing the right as much.

Round 8: Diaz came to life in this round, backed by the ground. His pressure and volume is getting to Paul. But it might be too late.

Round 9: Paul is tired. He landed some decent shots, but Diaz pressured the whole time and even taunted Paul at one point.

Round 10: Paul landed hard shots early. Diaz did Diaz things, leaning against the ropes and egging Paul on. Diaz fans got what they wanted and his pressure will lead many to believe he won. Maybe the judges will see it that way. But Paul landed the harder shots of the fight.