Steve Harvey's Suit Budget: How Much Does He Spend on His Signature Suits? 

Harvey has been wearing suits ever since he got started as a standup comedian in the eighties and nineties. 

Harvey said that he lives by the advice that his mom once gave him, women love a well-dressed man. 

During his now off-air talk show, Steve Harvey, the host wore at least 500 completely different suits. 

Tired of Harvey’s old look—which consisted of many big somewhat boring suits—his wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey and stylist ​Elly Karamoh conspired to make him over.  

To kick start their makeover, Marjorie Harvey and Karamoh threw out Harvey’s old suits while he was away. 

The best-dressed man on television” has shared his drip with the public by launching his own clothing line, H by Steve Harvey. 

While he wore more neutral-toned suits during his early days as a game and talk show host, Harvey has always loved to wear color. 

The Cost of Steve Harvey's Suits varies depending on the level of customization & design.

The Average Cost of Steve Harvey Suit Range from several Thousand to Even Ten of Thousands Dollars.   

Steve Harvey Considers his Suits as an Investment in his Personal Brand & Image.